Online Listing: Bet on the presence of your company or organization in the largest online directory in Kenya,

Website Development and Management: Therefore, as the internet is the fastest growing dissemination channel in the world and considered one of the main and fastest means of communication, having a website is synonymous to the fact that a company wants to stay at the forefront providing their information online.

Microsoft Licenses: Microsoft 365 offers a solution that allows you to have all the Microsoft tools on multiple devices and allows you to take administrative tasks

Social Media Marketing/Management: Kenyan companies have become aware that it is increasingly important and often crucial to be present on social networks and to know how to use them as one of their main communication vehicles.

Email Marketing: This is the use of email content to promote products or services. You can use email marketing to develop relationships with current customers and/ or to reach potential customers. Email marketing allows companies to keep their customers informed and share personalized information. It is one of the most economical and conversion-rich forms of digital marketing today.

Yellow Spot: The ultimate authority on a business should be the business itself. With google geolocation services, brands can regain and maintain a direct relationship with their customers. Every day customers are asking questions about your brand. Are your answers ready? Choose the best plan for your business to be connected today!

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